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Thunderbird to PST Converter for Safe and Accurate Conversion

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Always rely on a professional ‘Thunderbird to PST converter’ for mail conversion needs-Use Mail Extractor Pro for ‘Thunderbird to PST file conversions’

Thunderbird to PST Converter

After my miserable experience with a few worthless Thunderbird to PST converters, I would rather ditch my files completely than try my luck converting them using these clumsy methods. These aren’t conversion tools but mere tricks to make the users operate on them. Once you are trapped, you proceed on an insignificant path leading to just more confusions and unfruitful outcomes. The lesson learnt is that never trust an unreliable tool with something as important as your personal and professional mailing data. Put your faith into a tool that can offer reliability and safety.

Talking about safety, let us get introduced to the solution of Thunderbird to PST files conversion issues. Subsequent to my phase of agony caused by failed conversions I came across Mail Extractor Pro. It is a mail conversion tool and in my opinion this tool is hands down the best Thunderbird to PST file converter. What is foremost is the safety of the data and this tool undeniably delivers the conversions in the safest manner possible. If you do a background check on the tool, you would realize that it has been created by the team of USL software which happens to be a well-known player in the conversion tool market. Read further to understand the unusual features of this Thunderbird to PST converter that make it all the more special.

Why use Mail Extractor Pro-an unbeaten professional ‘Thunderbird to PST converter’

As opposed to the dull performance of an average converter, this Thunderbird to PST converter tool gives pleasant results. The auto-load option gives Mail Extractor Pro a head-start. This not only eases up the process but makes it faster too. Bulk conversions further augment the speedy conversions.

Apart from being really fast at converting the Thunderbird to PST files, this converter has unlocked another achievement. It successfully converts everything in the conversion process. Surprisingly, it can even migrate the files in non-English languages. Of course, elements like attachments, graphical objects, etc are a part of the conversions too.

A smart tool like this is able to impress you by maintaining the folder hierarchy. Additionally, there are smart filters that help in categorically avoiding the unneeded data. For example, you can ignore the empty files and folders during the conversion process. Not only this, you can also fix up the PST file size as you desire. It is however preferable to set it under 15GB. Other than this, there are no bugs in the tool. This means that your data is securely converted from Thunderbird to PST without any tool crashes.

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Though Thunderbird to PST conversion is a complicated process, the manifestation of the same for the users is in the form of a simplified conversion process. A user-friendly interface makes it comprehendible for even the beginners. It is the easiest as well as the best way to convert your Thunderbird email to PST file.

As a content user, I recommend the same to my fellow users out there. Here is the link for the free trial version.

Download at www.mailextractorpro.com

Get it today, if you are looking for Thunderbird or MBOX to PST Converter.

Easy method to Convert OST to PST File with OST to PST converter tool

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Today, we are going to describe about how to convert OST to PST file with OST to PST convertor tool. Here, I am going to tell you some simple steps which will surely help you and do your work easier.

Before proceeding further let me tell you that it is a simple procedure and basically suits every platform you are working.

Online converting can be easily done. You just need to have a high-speed internet connection and your work will be done in no matter of time.

These are the main advantages of it. They are. –

It does not require Server – No server is required to convert the file. It is the great deal to do so.

Time saving – It saves your time. You only need a high internet speed connection. Convert your file very fast.

No data loss – Yes, there are very less chances that you will lose your data. It has a high security which will secure the information and prevent hackers to leak or stole it.
Storage – No need to install or store any kind of software. Just convert your OST file into PST format with OST to PST convertor free.

Other than that you have to choose the right file which you want to convert. Choosing the wrong one and converting it can make your work hard. These two above points should be kept in mind and your work is done with great ease.

It is a simple method. It is a seven steps process. Let’s start. –

Step 1 – Select the OST file you want to convert. You will be asked to choose the folder and then the file. It is a simple step. You just need to remember the file location and then select it.

Step 2 – Enter your email. You have to enter your email for the security reasons. Email is required to make sure that the converted data should be sent at the right place. It is a great way of sending data.

You have to keep in mind the grammar of the code. Lower case and upper-case letters should be placed correctly.

Step 3 – Click ‘Next.’ A very easy step. It just needs a click and here you go to the step 5.

Step 4 – Now the file you have chosen will start to upload. The format of the file will be examined after that. All the aspects are checked like –

File Size – It checks the file size and also decide the output file size you need.

Format – It also checks the file format.

Step 5 – The conversion start at this point. You just have to wait a little.

Step 6 – Check your email. The converted file is sent to your email, and you can download it from there.
Even if you dosen’t find the desired solution for your problem, you can use “OST Extractor Pro” where you can find many useful features. Here is the link to download the tool - https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

I hope now you can Convert OST to PST File by keeping these steps in mind.